For those looking to implement an amusement vending program, it's important to look at the pros and cons of buying versus renting your own games as they're two completely different business approaches. The capital investment of purchasing machines is high... but is it worth it? 

Here are 8 considerations as a starting point:

1. How will your games age over time?  Are you ready to reinvest in new the next three years?

2. How will you fix a machine when it breaks? Specifically when you cannot fix this yourself?   

3. How much time and money are you willing to dedicate to your game room and its management? Do you have other business goals where this time would be better spent? What are the opportunity costs of managing your own game rooms?

4. What is your loss prevention procedure to prevent internal theft?  Are you going to empty change yourself several times a week?

5. Are you able to rotate in a different machine every six months to comply with Cici’s brand standards?

6. Cranes out earn video by 3-to-1.  What is your plan for product procurement, merchandising, inventory and rotation for cranes? 

7. What is your current strategic plan to raise revenues in your game room and create novel programming?

8. Are you able to drive foot traffic to your location with your game room? Did you realize that games alone can bring you foot traffic? 





The Fact Is: Owning Your Own Games Can Be a Headache

Beyond  a high initial investment, you're responsible for service, merchandising, tokens, and prize procurement... not to mention reinvesting in new games every 6 months if you want to keep your customers engaged. 

This is where National Entertainment Network comes in. Not only do you benefit by consistently offering best-in-class games and absolutely zero investment of time or money, but you'll see higher revenues through a commission-based program. You focus on your running the business, not on the program or machines. 


Sounds Like a No-Brainer, Doesn't It? 

Our clients think so. Allowing a third party to handle all things related to keeping the machines running optimally just makes sense - especially when you consider that your bottom line actually increases as well. Beyond just time and money, there are other customer-focused features, like top of the line prizes, loyalty programs, customization and more. 


Ready to See If Renting Is for You?

Let us run the numbers for your specific space to see if renting is a better fit for your revenue model. Our site specialists can discuss your location and provide a site survey, all free to you. 


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PS - Already Own Your Own Machines but Don't Want to?

Let's talk about buy-back programs! There are many options when it comes to upgrading your business strategy as it pertains to amusement vending. 


About National Entertainment Network

National Entertainment Network (NEN) is the largest front-end retail and amusement vending company in the nation, headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. NEN defines amusement vending entertainment with a diverse first-tier entertainment/confection portfolio of products operating over 150,000 coin slots located over 20,000 of the most popular retail and restaurant locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. For over 25 years, NEN continues to focus on clients by providing quality entertainment for their customers and patrons.